A complex and high-phenolic extra virgin olive oil. It is ideal to use as a finishing oil, poured over cold salads or added to cooked dishes at the last minute, so the intricacy of its flavors, its high fruitiness and medium taste intensity can be appreciated. Hand-harvested, cold-extracted and without pesticides. 

Family Reserve


410 mg/kg Phenols

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100% Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, nothing else.

When was this harvested?

November 2020

When is the best before date?

November 2022. We could indicate a much longer best before date but we want you to have the best experience possible with our products.

What is the phenolic content?

410 mg/kg, using the HPLC chemical testing method during production. Please note, other testing methods yield higher number results for the same tested product.

Can I use it to cook at high temperatures?

Yes, you can! All of our extra virgin olive oils have a high smoke point of over 400°F. The higher the quality of an extra virgin olive oil the better it performs, even at high heat.

What is the acidity?

0.19% (tested during production).

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Bitterness & Pungency

PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw
PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw
PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw
PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw
PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw



PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw

410 mg/kg
(during production)

Cold pressed

PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw

Extracted very shortly after the fruit is cut from the tree.

Goes great


Greek salad, Chicken, Pork, Pasta, Pizza, Soft cheeses, Vegetables


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"Every spoonful is filled with time-proven health benefits that taste addictively good."

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The Aromas and Tastes

Much like fine wine, the following tastes and aromas naturally occur in our FAMILY RESERVE due to various factors, such as harvest date, olive grove micro-climate, location and variety. Absolutely nothing is added to this pure, extra virgin olive oil. We urge you to have a sip and see if you can identify these flavors!

PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw

Cut Grass




Green Almond

PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw

Tomato Stem

PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw

Fresh Spearmint


Fresh Thyme

The Health Benefits


Studies have shown that the antioxidants found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil may help prevent many diseases. In fact, the anti-inflammatory phenolic compound, oleocanthal, which is found in extra virgin olive oil, has the same properties as commercial pain-killers.

(Good) Fats

Around 75% of extra virgin olive oil is comprised of heart healthy Monounsaturated Fats (MUFAs). These are vital to support our nervous system, build immunity and power our brain! Evoo also contains vitamins, such as E and K, and helps protect “bad” LDL cholesterol from oxidation. 

PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw
PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw

The Olives




This variety of olive tree has been traditionally cultivated around the semi-mountainous areas of the Western Peloponnese for over ten centuries, the robust terrain helping to grow and shape this hearty species. The Koroneiki olives are known for their high quality and aromatic oil; their characteristic “green” taste is internationally renowned and perfectly complements most foods.

To produce our FAMILY RESERVE we harvest the olives early (November) when the fruits are still a yellowish/green in color. Although this gives a very low and costly yield of around 10% (meaning that 10kg of olives will produce 1kg of oil), it helps us achieve our desired very high antioxidant levels and delicious, medium intensity taste.

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Bitterness & Pungency: 

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