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2019/20 PJ KABOS 'Chef's Selection Classic' Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5lt Tin

2019/20 PJ KABOS 'Chef's Selection Classic' Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5lt Tin
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2019/20 PJ KABOS 'Chef's Selection Classic' Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5lt Tin
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  • Weight: 4.90kg
  • Dimensions: 12.00cm x 15.00cm x 33.00cm
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Chef's Selection Classic: Great value for money, recommended for everyday use at
high temperatures 
or even cold over a fresh salad. The best companion to have in
your kitchen for everyday cooking needs.

Health Benefits of TRUE Extra Virgin Olive Oil are part of the PJ KABOS story

PJ KABOS was founded by James Panagiotopoulos (PJ). James’ personal olive groves are trees lovingly planted by his
father and grandparents over half a century ago. These and neighboring olive groves in the surrounding area of the 
historic, Ancient Olympia, Greece, produce the precious olive nectar of PJ KABOS. James' grandmother,
Mrs. Maria Panagiotopoulou, lived to the age of 103 and is perhaps one of the best indicators for longevity for the 
health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil was a big part of her Mediterranean diet, as
her family of six consumed upward of 400 Liters per year!

  • Low acidity of 0.22% (during production) and boosts a very high smoke point of 202°C!
  • Harvested by hand and small hand-held machines between November 2019 and January 2020
  • Best Before 1/2022 (Although we have the option to indicate a much longer date, we choose the two year mark from
    the time of production to ensure the best possible experience for you)
  • Tasting intensity: Delicate
  • Tasting Characteristics: Aromas of green grass and dry herbs with a subtle note of tomato leaf. Taste exhibits some
    sweetness, low bitterness and pungecy with notes of olive leaf.
  • Monovarietal, produced from the Greek Koroneiki olive variety
  • Cold-Extracted without the use of chemicals - totally UNREFINED

This product is produced entirely from the Greek Koroneiki olive variety (Monovarietal). A unique advantage of
PJ KABOS 'Chef's Selection Classic' Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is that it pairs perfectly with most foods
Furthermore, its delicate tasting intensity means it will not overpower any food, making it your ultimate go-to, 
everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Can I cook at high heat with PJ KABOS Chef's Selection Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Yes, and in-fact it is best to cook with a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil because it is exactly this high quality
that protects the oil and food from degradation due to high heat cooking! Because of our product's premium
quality (high in monounsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and with low acidity, among its many virtues) it boosts
very high smoke point of 202°C (which is one of the highest smoke-points for an unrefined oil), and is 
perfect for most high temperature cooking needs, including:

  • Sautéing
  • Deep-frying
  • Baking
  • Grilling
Label name 'Chef's Selection Classic'
Container Size 5 Liters
Tasting intensity Delicate
Acidity 0,22%
Fruitiness 4,1
Bitterness 3,0
Pungency 3,6
Smoke point 202°C
Harvest technique By hand and small handheld machines
Awarded at an International Competition Gold Award at the Berlin International Olive Oil Competition (June 2020)
Recommended use
Cooking style Sauteing / Deep-Frying / Baking / Grilling / Raw on salads
Food Pairs perfectly with most foods
In conclusion Great value for money, recommended for everyday use at high temperatures or even cold over a fresh salad. Our 'Chef's Selection Classic' line is the new product of our internationally awarded label, PJ KABOS, that is now your best companion for your everyday cooking needs as well.

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